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Cosmetic Dentistry Palm Beach FL

02 September 2021

Think about it. What is your reaction when you look in the mirror every morning before brushing your teeth? Do you like the way your teeth look? If you don’t, it may be time to seek out the leading cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach from KA Dental.

With five offices in Palm Beach County, including one in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, KA Dental is able to bring our expert cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach to just about anyone in southeast Florida.

We offer an array of services ranging from emergency to regular bi-annual teeth cleanings. Each service that is available has been proven to help improve the dental health of those receiving it. The importance of visiting your local dentist has never been more important than what we witnessed throughout the pandemic.

With most people ordering out or eating lots of junk food while they are home, your teeth can actually begin to suffer. Tooth decay is the most common side effect of eating lots of junk food. When tooth decay happens, that normally means that plaque has built up on your teeth, which leads to cavities and other dental problems, including such procedures as tooth extractions and root canals.

At KA Dental, we focus on bringing this process to a close by removing any plaque that is present on your teeth at each bi-annual check up. When it comes to improving your overall oral health.

Probably the most popular of our services is our braces program. When your child has crooked teeth and needs them either rotated or moved, we are able to implement braces that can help to correct their smile. Braces are available to everyone of all ages along with our Invisalign option. With braces being very much visible, many patients decide to go with Invisalign, which provides them with the same effects of regular braces but are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

When you are in need of braces, our team will first sit down with you for a consultation before we take any impressions of your teeth. We will then find the right fit for each tooth and specially order the appliances that will be used to straighten or move your teeth.

After the appliances are fabricated, we will then schedule another appointment to place the braces on your teeth. The braces may cause some significant pain and discomfort for the first 24 to 48 hours, but the pain will soon ease and you’ll become comfortable wearing and eating with your new braces.

Next, we will schedule monthly check-ins to examine your teeth and braces to determine the adjustments that will need to be made to continue the process. Once your teeth prove to be as straight as can be, we will remove the braces and provide you with a retainer which will help keep your teeth in place. Not wearing the retainer will only reverse all the work of the braces and your teeth may slowly return to their original positions.

With our orthodontic services at KA Dental, we can transform your smile from a mouth filled with gaps to a smooth, beautiful, and flawless one. From the very start, you will be welcomed into our office with a smile and brought into our exam room promptly. Our dental hygienists will then help clean any plaque buildup around your teeth before the orthodontist looks at your smile. We care for each patient like family and have the goal of making your smile the best it can be.

We continue to practice with caution through the pandemic. With patients coming in and out of our office each day, we have made sure that each one feels safe while in our care.

If you are interested in our cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach and would like to learn more about how we can help, please call the office at (561) 484-5079. We would love to have the opportunity to help upgrade your beautiful smile to the next level.

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Meet us at one of our conveniently located practices

All Locations enjoy easy access to the same technology and team., visit us at the closest location to you.

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